This book is a comprehensive guide to illustrate a better understanding of the Arabian horse motion. The book contains a series of illustrations that portrays the structure of the superficial anatomy of the Arabian horse that explains the beauty, grace, and uniformity of these magnificent drinkers of the wind.


The anatomical construction is based on the careful analysis of the Arabian horse movement that explains the articulations of the foot, the arm, the spinal column and the skull by focusing on the visual skeletal, muscular, and hoof anatomy areas of the gross anatomy.


By providing the reader with detailed portrayal of the body and the structure of movement you perceive varying perspectives on the Arabian horses' posture and gestures and they way they express their needs and emotions. Understanding your horse will strengthen the communication bond and relationship between you two.

The illustrations produced in this book are by the author. Arabian Anatomy will be published fall 2016 and will be available in Epub, PDF, and print format.


Artwork by Capat Theodora Daniela





Skeletal Anatomy


- Axial skeleton

- Ligaments

- Appendicular skeleton




Hoof Anatomy


- External hoof structure

- Internal hoof structure




Muscular Anatomy


- Build of the skeletal muscles

- Main skeletal muscles

- Tendons of the lower legs















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